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This is a community-driven Wiki dedicated to documenting the world and characters featured in the videos on the Chipflake YouTube channel as well as the technical aspects that go into them (such as hardware and software used, techniques and mistakes & errors).

This Wiki is being written entirely by volunteers so please feel free to contribute! You can do this by adding new pages, expanding existing ones and correcting spelling/grammar mistakes and broken hyperlinks. To avoid confusion please refer to the artist behind the channel as Chipflake, and the character as Chip/Chip the Cat.

Who is Chipflake?

Chipflake is a British YouTuber and animator creating videos on YouTube about various topics such as life stories and opinions on different subjects. As of 18/05/2019, Chipflake currently has 300,000+ subscribers with 42 uploads. View the channel here.

Most Chipflake videos feature the mascot of the channel (named Chip) speaking to the audience.

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Currently the channel has over 42 public videos. You can see a full list and read about individual videos here.


The main character and mascot of the channel is Chip the Cat.

Over the approx. 2 years of the channel's life there have been many different characters used to represent people in stories, theoretical situations or characters created from Drawing With Chip videos. You can see a full list of characters here.

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